Dramatis Personae

The Lady Ira: a human and daughter of the royal line of Song Sovereigns, and a novice Harper in her own right. Stern and composed, she is determined to help and support the people she may one day rule…

V’vendy Rocbeak: Shepherd turned bounty hunter, her sweet nature masks terrifying archery skills, skills that have earned her the title “Deathweaver”. She has feathers for hair on her head, and plucks them to fletch her arrows.

Corax: a Stout and self-titled champion of the people, who fights with farm and blacksmith tools. However, his radical rhetoric and traditional Stout beard masks a hidden identity…

A sudden surge of magical energy transformed this Stout into a sentient bipedal dinosaur (some variety of Dromaeosaur), with a tail, wicked claws, and a crest of feathers running along his back. His personality is the same, but who or what he truly is…is still unknown.

Innkeeper Vinckle: Master of the Leather Cap Inn, the second most popular establishment in the trading town of Crimson Girth. He’s determined to make his tavern number one with solid business acumen and his own aptitude with Folk Scribing….

Dragon Face: A champion gladiator of the Southland Arena, this master of holds, throws and limb locks is heading north to test the skills of local fighters. Boisterous and loud, he hungers for a rival, a foe who appreciates competition and the art of single combat…

Uuco the Witness: An old and impressively mustached Nobble, talented with illusions, Lightning Swaying, and the wearing of pointy red hats. Cheerful, flirtatious, and eager to discover new knowledge and lore, this old wanderer isn’t as far past his hellraiser days as he thinks…

Rinta the Silencer: An old colleague and fellow ally of V’vendy Rockbeak, this Clayshaped archer wanders the land, hunting the destructive monstrosities known only as Roarers


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