Skipping a week to edit.

I’m pausing updates on Tales of the Pilgrims for a week to edit the existing chapters, tweaking setting details to create a more unique universe for our heroes to adventure in.

Many forms of heroic fantasy takes place in the equivalent to the middle and dark ages, while others combine sword, sorcery and magical creatures with renaissance or industrial-era societies. I hope to go in the other direction and tell a story of a young world. A world where civilization has begun to bloom in city-states, where scribes lay down writing on clay, and kings and priests raised stepped temples to the heavens….

This setting I hope to create draws from the distant eras ancients scholar idealized. The old Mayan civilization. The folk of the Indus Valley. Sumer. The civilizations of Crete. The Zhou dynasty. The eras labeled by storytellers and historians as the Golden Age of mankind.

Except things were not as simple as that.

See you next week!


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